RoboHelp 10 Featurette Videos, part 2: image triggers and captivate videos

This is a second in a series of blogs that cluster together some very brief, but useful “how to” videos on important features in RoboHelp 10. The previous blog focused on navigation links like hypertext. Now we move on to a couple of more useful features.

RoboHelp 10: Image Triggers for dramatic graphic entrance/exit

Some projects benefit from user interaction to make a graphic appear in dramatic fashion. This can be easily accomplished in RoboHelp with image triggers. Basically, whenever you import a graphic, be it a normal image or clip art, there will be what appears to be a “drum/barrel” of cable next to it. This signifies that you can “tie” your image to another image that you drag the cable to. A simple click, select and drag will allow you to have an arrow or other indicative clip art make an image spiral or fade in. A second click by the user on the same image object will make it spiral or fade out.

It’s easy to do! Just watch the very short video below:

RoboHelp 10: Insert Captivate step-by-step videos

Captivate videos with pauses for “step-by-step” instruction may be published to SWF files as well as HTML5 and more popular formats like MPEG. In RoboHelp, you can import a step-by-step eLearning Captivate video as SWF and HTML5. This is highly productive, because when you publish your project with single source multi-screen HTML5 when a user opens your project, a browser “sniffer” will determine if the device in use supports SWF, or in the case of iOS, HTML5 is required instead.

The process is extremely easy. You can even test the step-by-step clicks of your video in a temporary HTML preview of the individual topis you are working in. Just watch the video below, and you’ll quickly realize that “you can do it too!”