3 Step Approach to Marketing Analytics: Step 2 – Execute

Christophe Kuhner

[Posted by Christophe Kuhner, Senior Product Manager, Neolane]

In a previous post, “A 3-Step Approach to Marketing Analytics”, we outlined a simple methodology for the application of measurement and analytics in marketing. We followed that up with a more detailed look at the first step of the process: Understand. Continuing with the series, let us explore the second step, Execute, to better understand how to effectively leverage marketing analytics to power your marketing strategy.


Once you feel confident in your knowledge of the “Understand” step, it’s time to apply this new core comprehension of data-informed decision making into your business strategy.

“Execute” refers to the testing and targeting that occurs across the various aspects of a marketing campaign. It also refers to the data interpretation that comes from that testing.

In the execution phase of marketing analytics, your business is using analytics technologies to monitor the behavior of pre-determined targets and how that behavior is affecting the success of your marketing campaign.

Objectives of “Execute”

Although much of the planning should have been completed in the “Understand” phase, there will be final pieces to add once it’s time to execute campaigns. Businesses must know what they intend to accomplish with the execution of marketing analytics.

Commonly Asked Questions

Any strategic questions you have about your marketing analytics execution should be answered based on the goals of your campaign and which program of analytics you have chosen to work with. The technologies that are available will offer instructions and information on what type of measurement, testing, monitoring, and analytics it offers. Based on which program you chose to use, your business will have to learn the ins and outs of the program in order to decide which segments to monitor, how to categorize areas of activity, how data can be compared to the expected results, etc.

Enabling the “Execute” Phase with Technology

Analyzing marketing data should not trigger an anxious response from the creative minds of marketers; thanks to the multiple technologies available to execute your businesses analytical needs, making a data-informed decision is intuitive and within reach for marketers.

How “Execution” Integrates in Conversational Marketing

The “Execution” step of marketing analytics will help further your business toward sending the right message at the right time and targeting prospects based on individual personas. Analytical execution and results provide marketers with insightful data that prompts them to make decisions based on concrete information.