Adobe STC Summit Interviews 1: eBooks, Storytelling and reaching the Disabled

This is the first in our series of video interviews with key thought leaders and bright attendees at the STC Annual Summit in Atlanta. Adobe installed cameras, lights and had the “Content Wrangler” himself to help gather some of the most interesting thought leaders present. We have 40 interviews to share, and will be rolling them out in groups of 5 over the next 8-9 weeks.

Follow these interviews for keen insights, and an easy way to help define your own vision of the future.

Ann Rockley on From Print to Books

Ann Rockley discuss why we must discover how to take our content from print and put it out their in eBooks. We must view content differently to understand how users would transit from one device to another while consuming content. We must optimize content from a single source for all destination channels.

Alan Porter on Storytelling

Alan Porter discussed the importance of story telling in technical communication. Even the DITA model has a beginning, a middle and an end. We remember “stories” more than a collection of facts. Approach your tech communications in this manner for improved results.

Char James-Tanny: Writing for the Disabled

Char James-Tanny reveals that 1 out of 8 people or more than 18% of the world population have disabilities. The disabled are part of your audience. This sector has over 1 trillions dollars of buying power. You must find out how to reach everybody that you need to.

Alyssa Fox on Int’l Standards for TechComm Content

Alyssa Fox believes that there is a common misconception that the quality of tech doc created outside the USA is not as good as that created w/in the USA. We need to take time to make sure that all global team members create consistent quality. Alyssa manages a global team and discusses techniques to ensure consistent results.

Al Martine on TechComm and Product Value

Al Martine of TechWhirl discusses how much Tech Communicators have to offer businesses. They need to be able to tell their stories to their managers, to their customers, to their CEOs.

Watch for more episodes coming soon

Our mission is not only to deliver the best single source publishing tools possible, but also to enlighten, inform and inspire existing and potential customers. Be sure to revisit our website, next week for Part 2 of these intriguing interviews. We hope you benefit from them as much as we have.