Advancing the Marketing Cloud with Neolane


Neolane,campaign managementCMO’s, Heads of Digital, CRO’s and marketing leaders come to Adobe every day, asking us to help them deliver highly personal experiences across any channel and any device, and do it within milliseconds. They need us to help them answer the CEO when asked, “How is our marketing budget paying off?” We have long been the trusted partner of the creative community and now we have solutions that manage, measure and optimize that content with the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe has built our Marketing Cloud over the past four years and has today the broadest set of solutions available anywhere. Neolane adds cross-channel campaign management technology to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This is a critical addition to our complete set of analytics, targeting, social, content management and media optimization solutions. Neolane will integrate with our solutions to empower cross-channel and highly personalized campaign management across the web, email, social, mobile, point of sale, direct mail, call center and other emerging channels.

The combination of Adobe and Neolane will give customers richer customer profiles, greater activation of social and mobile data, better definition of highly valuable customer segments, and more sophisticated automation and execution platforms. Many customers already rely on both Adobe and Neolane and will benefit from further integration between the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Neolane’s cross-channel capabilities.

As we move forward with Adobe’s acquisition of Neolane, we are ready to unite our technologies into a complete cross-channel solution to better meet the increasing demands of the consumer and to really deliver on the promise of personalization.

And as for that sticky ROI question from the CEO? With Neolane, Adobe just added to your arsenal with a new set of answers – all around highly measurable marketing returns and contributions with big business impact. Makes you think about what you might do with that incremental budget, doesn’t it?

-Brad Rencher, SVP & GM, Digital Marketing

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