Adobe STC Summit Interviews 3: content modeling, problem solvers and “Word Up!”

In this week’s installment of more Thought Leader interview’s from this year’s STC Summit, we cover a variety of topics, ranging from “content modeling” to how to rebrand yourself as a “problem solver” rather than just a “technical writer.”

Jack Molisani: Seek Out Problems and Solve Them

LavaCon’s Jack Molisani provides a thought-provoking view on how we need to make our value more visible and obvious in these rapidly changing times. Molisani makes it clear that we can no longer afford to keep our job titles tied to dominant tasks from the past. All of us provide consultative services of some type, even if we are permanent team members for a large enterprise. Find out what Jack means when he says “seek out problems and solve them.”

“Survey says…” 5 out of 10 top products used by Tech Comm Professionals are made by Adobe

In this extremely brief video, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, reveals the top 10 products used by respondents to his exhaustive Tech Comm Benchmark Survey. The results will likely surprise you. You can find the entire survey (with explanation of how it was conducted) on

Project Coordinator: “There’s Always a Better Way”

One project coordinator covers how his journey through content creation and documentation has changed radically over the past 15 years. Like many, he has moved beyond the content capacity limitations of some popular word processors. Output to multiple devices and platforms is becoming an increasing concern.

Ann Rockley on Benefits of Content Modeling

In this STC Adobe booth interview, world-renowned Content Strategist Ann Rockley discusses the need to start structured projects from the beginning with content modeling. For instance, you will want you content to look one way in print, and perhaps have different levels of content and appearance on the web. Design work at the beginning is the start of content modeling.

Danielle Villegas: Review of Marcia Riefer Johnston’s “Word Up”

In this interview, Danielle, better known to most of us as ~~@~~TechCommGeekMom, gives a highly personal thumbs up to Marcia Riefer Johston’s new book “Word Up!” A few of us sampled previews of this book at last year’s LavaCon here in Portland, Oregon. The book has rapidly gained favor and loyalty from a broad swath of content creators who have benefited from Marcia’s thoughtful, bite-sized chunks of guidance on how to pare your words down to just the essentials. We’re always looking for new reference sources and this interview illustrates the type of concrete, useful networking that takes place at STC Summits and regional events.

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