#writeright 14) FrameMaker & Word: Keyboard Shortcuts and Word to FM workflow

We are continuing our series of “guest” #writeright “how to” videos. This week, we posted 3 more new videos by veteran FrameMaker expert (and certified expert), Barb Binder.

FrameMaker for Word: Word to FrameMaker workflow [in depth]

In this instructive session, Adobe Certified FrameMaker instructor Barb Binder describes 3 ways to get content from Word into FrameMaker. Barb makes it clear that content will likely continue to come from Word even once you’ve established FrameMaker as your primary authoring tool.

FrameMaker for Word: Keyboard shortcuts [in depth]

FrameMaker 11 reintroduced keyboard shortcuts for many common actions, like assigning paragraph tags or character tags. Certified Adobe Instructor, Barb Binder, takes you through the simple actions for using time saving keyboard shortcuts that you will want to use on a daily basis.

FrameMaker for Word: Landscape pages in Portrait documents [in depth]

Adobe Certified Trainer Barb Binder takes you through the simple steps of creating and using landscape pages mixed in a portrait oriented document. Unlike Microsoft Word, FrameMaker uses master pages, not section breaks. This eliminates a host of problems experienced by Word users when section breaks are adjacent to complex numbered headings or lists. You can either allow pagination to go through the FrameMaker landscape page, or around the landscape page.


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You can use a calculator to determine how much time and money FrameMaker can save your over Word. Or, you can take a Quiz to determine if your workload is a good fit for FrameMaker. Simply go to http://www.douwriteright.com/

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