Adobe STC Summit Interviews 7: Leadership in TechComm, Teaching TechComm & Copy vs. Content

In this week’s installment of more Thought Leader interview’s from this year’s STC Summit, we cover a variety of topics, ranging from how leadership can be achieved within a Technical Communication Group, essential ingredients required in teaching TechComm and what is the difference between editorial “copy” and intelligent, searchable content.

Neil Perlin: Merging of Mobile and TechComm

In this STC/Adobe booth interview, thought leader Neil Perlin discusses how TechComm help authors went through a major sea change at WinWriter years ago when Microsoft announced that their Help would be based on HTML, vs. familiar *.chm files. Before that event, the world of TechComm and Help were separate silos. According to Perlin, many of us are still feeling our way around in mobile, as best methods are being defined. Many people are still trying to determine if they are to create eBooks, Apps, mobile Help. Look for several years of disruption as we experienced a dozen years ago when Help shifted to HTML.

Rahel Baile: Difference between Copy and Content

In this STC/Adobe booth interview, thought leader Rahel Baile discusses the power of making content shareable, and moving beyond mere copy. Copy is the editorial side, whereas content is when we put some techno power behind the copy. Simple steps can amplify the power of “copy” and make it widely available “content.” Copy is the editorial side, whereas content is when we put some techno power behind the copy.

Juergen Muthig: Teaching Technical Communication

In this STC/Adobe booth interview, Juergen Muthig talks about how “writing has never been enough” regarding training for technical communication. Today more emphasis is required on content strategy and project management from the get go.

Susanna Mescan: Component Content Management

In this STC/Adobe interview, Suzanna Mescan of VASONT discusses how CCMS (Component Content Management Systems) were built today’s needs with structured authoring. They build content at the topic level. You edit topics at the topic level, not the document level. This means that you only have to edit content once. Make sure that your CCMS integrates well with FrameMaker or your chosen structured authoring solution.

Sonali Natarajan: Leadership in TechComm

In this STC/Adobe interview, Sonali Natarajan of CISCO comments on “Leadership in TechComm”. You need your team because you can’t do it alone. As a leader your role is to paint the vision. Your company has to change along with the company. New content strategies and methods based on analytics are required. Introducing new technologies can be disruptive, but working together as a team, you can overcome temporary obstacles.

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