[Guest Post] “How do Policies and Procedures intersect with TechComm?”, by Raymond Urgo

In this guest blog, Policies and Procedures expert Raymond Urgo shares highlights from his recent webinar, “P&P Sess 1) Policies & Procedures Communication versus Technical Communication – What’s the Relation?.” You will definitely want to view the webinar recording, but in this brief blog Raymond gives a good overview of the areas where TechCom and P&P intersect or differ from one another:

What’s the Relation between P&P Comm and Technical Comm? – Short Answer

They are LOC_PP_image

Both should seek to create easily accessible and understandable information for a specific audience that enables positive outcomes.

Definition of Technical Communication

Refers to the body of knowledge (field and/or profession) about how content is obtained, designed, conveyed, and used as it relates to the practical, industrial, or mechanical arts or the applied sciences.

Examples of Technical Communication

Definition for P&P Communication

Refers to the body of knowledge (or discipline) about how content is designed, conveyed, and used as it relates to the principles and methods that enable people affiliated with an organization to perform in a predictable, repeatable, and consistent way.

Examples of P&P Communication



Procedures or instructions

Example: Tech Comm and P&P Comm Working Together

Example of Tech Comm Role

Tech Writer works with the development team of an accounting software company.

She prepares manuals, online help, videos, training tutorials, and marketing info for products sold.

Example of P&P Comm Role

ABC Company is implementing 123-Accounting software.

The CFO wants the P&P Analyst to prepare P&P to ensure the software and data are treated as an information resource in the context of the business.

The P&P Analyst works with the accounting groups to formulate and document agreed-to practices for the Accounting Dept’s P&P manual or Web-based Help system.

Summary of example

Note: Some organizations might combine both sets of information to be customized and tailored to the organization’s needs.

Key Conclusions of 1990 Study on Advertising Practices for P&P Talent

About our guest blogger: Commonly known as “Mr. P&P”, Raymond Urgo holds the honorary rank of fellow in the Society for Technical Communication for his contributions to Policies & Procedures Communication. Urgo, who has observed and studied the P&P marketplace for more than 30 years, provides consulting to a variety of industries through his firm, Urgo & Associates. Urgo’s previous webinars with AdobeTCS have drawn record attendance!

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