Light in August: AdobeTCS webinars coming your way

Some of us have a slightly slower schedule in the “dog days” of summer, which means a little more time for study, training or getting up to date on trends and tools. Here at Adobe Tech Comm, we’ve pulled together some highly useful webinars in the next couple of weeks; you will want to mark your calendars.

Note: if you are reading this blog after any of the dates listed below, you can find a recording of the webinars at: — please note that when you click on the TITLE of a webinar recording, you will be taken to a landing page that resembles a webinar registration page like the one below. You must use your free account credentials to log in.

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Here is the rundown:

Top Ten Features of a Content Management System You Can’t Live Without

August 21st at 10AM Pacific
Register at:

Join Adobe and Vasont Systems as they discuss the importance of a component content management system for technical communications and its relationship with Adobe FrameMaker. This educational webinar will highlight the ten critical features of a CCMS and the benefits they provide.

As a bonus, they will show a live demonstration the tight integration between FrameMaker and the Vasont CCMS.
In this webinar, you will learn:

Note: Vasont did a highly informative webinar with us several months ago, which did not focus on product demo. You may wish to view this one first: Structured authoring: getting from point A to point B.

Exploring Tech Comm Suite: 5) Exploring TCS4: Creating e-books

August 22 at 10AM Pacific
Register at:

Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4 gives you all the tools you need to produce EPUB and Kindle e-book formats. Join us as veteran online trainer and Adobe Certified Instructor Matt Sullivan builds upon his earlier FrameMaker > RoboHelp webinar to discuss output of both DITA and unstructured content. He will draw upon live projects to show how FrameMaker can use RoboHelp or FrameMaker Publishing Server to process content into EPUB and Kindle files, easily the two most significant e-book formats. Watch as Matt explains:

Viewing Matt’s earlier FrameMaker > RoboHelp presentation may help in understanding the concepts discussed in this session. At the end of this webinar, you will have a checklist of things needed for successful e-book conversion. Then all you’ll need is a little elbow grease to address the details in getting your own projects set up!

I didn’t know that FrameMaker could do that!

August 23 at 10AM Pacific
Register at:

Some of FrameMaker’s long established features aren’t demo’d very often. As a result, even veteran users sometimes forget about really cool solutions you can accomplish with most versions of the product. In this 45-minute session, product evangelist Maxwell Hoffmann will fly through a series of simple but potent features you can use in combination with one another to achieve astonishing results.

Amaze your friends and relatives with your new found knowledge! Be sure to attend this “summer school” session to find out just how much you can accomplish with FrameMaker 11 in an extremely brief period of time.

Sess 1) FrameMaker 11 and the Power of XML: Approaches to EDD design

August 27 at 10AM Pacific
Register at:

The FrameMaker Element Definition Document (EDD) provides a simpler option for formatting SGML and XML documents than the complex, obscure FOSI or XSL-FO. In this webinar, Adobe Certified FrameMaker Instructor Alan Houser will highlight the common approaches to EDD design, and demonstrate the rich capabilities of Adobe FrameMaker for generating PDF documents from XML.

You will learn:

This webinar will include use cases and motivating examples.

Sess 10) FrameMaker for Word Users: User Engagement; utilizing video, audio and rich 3D graphics in your projects

August 28th at 10AM Pacific
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Word users, learn how to engage and retain users with documentation that is more dynamic via video, 3D graphics and audio. Discover how FrameMaker 11 gives you easy to use tools for importing rich graphics that have intelligence and a guided user experience when publishing to PDF. Turn what was previously a static “paper” experience into a dynamic, customer retaining achievement.