#writeright 25) FrameMaker & Word: Autosize Anchored Frames & Find Specific Fonts

This blog in our series of “how to” videos with FrameMaker covers two simple, but often overlooked capabilities. The first video covers how to face the challenge in which your document is peppered with a specific font override you wish to replace with a character tag.

The second video featured couples a very old keyboard shortcut (shrinkwrapping an anchored frame to fit contents) with a Graphic Object Style that ensures consistent placement for “baseline” graphics like key caps.

FrameMaker and WORD: Find Specific Text Format Overrides

FrameMaker 11’s powerful FIND command also lets you narrow down your search to just a few font/format ovverrides. In this brief video, Adobe Product Evangelist @maxwellhoffmann shows you how to use the FIND/Character Format option to search for 3 things, like bold/italic/small caps. The secret is in putting all of your FIND character format choices to “As Is” or “neutral.” Then, you can select the 2 or 3 things that you know are distinctive about the text you seek. Once we find the overriden format, we swiftly apply the character tag Default Para Font (to remove all overrides) and then apply the “Emphasis” tag, to enable global font updates. Try this, it is easy to do.

Watch the video below to find out how!

FrameMaker and WORD: Shrinkwrap for “autosized” anchored frames

This video shows how to combine two commands (a) keyboard shortcut “ESC m p” to automatically shrinkwrap your anchored frame around the size of graphic contents and (b) Object Style Designer to create a “named frame” that has the vertical baseline adjustment you desire. This is ideal for projects in which you have a lot of small screen captures for “key caps” on the baseline of your text.

Watch the short video below to find out how!

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