Engineers Live Code Customer-Requested Features at Photoshop World

Photoshop World has always been an opportunity for the Photoshop team to meet and speak in person with our customers. During the show, we’re able to gather customer feedback — including new feature requests, workflow gripes and more — that we use to improve upcoming versions of Photoshop.

With the release of Photoshop CC, we’re able to address customer feedback more frequently than ever before. To demonstrate just how quickly we can respond to customer feedback, we stationed Photoshop team members, including three Photoshop engineers, on the Photoshop World show floor. The assignment: speak to customers, gather their feedback and enhancement requests, and code as many customer-requested Photoshop enhancements as possible during the show, in real-time. We called this event our “Photoshop Live Codeathon.”


To be honest, we weren’t sure how customers would react to the event. But after three days of gathering 70 new feature requests and finishing seven new enhancements during the show, it was clear that the Codeathon was a resounding success!

The following seven enhancements were live coded at Photoshop World and will be added to Photoshop CC soon:

Special thanks to the customers who provided these requests (along with the many more we’ll be addressing in future releases), and to the Photoshop team members who staffed the event!