#writeright 27) FrameMaker & Word: Anchored Frames in Outer Margins

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This blog highlights a recent featurette video that shows you how to do something very powerful: define anchored frames so that they will automatically place graphics in the outer margins of facing books in PDF or print!

A variety of choices for anchored frame placement

Most publishing systems still require some form of macros or a work-around to achieve this. FrameMaker has had anchored frame properties for years that enable this type of placement.

Leveraging the power of graphic object styles

FrameMaker 11 introduced graphic object styles and a catalog to go with them. This allows anchored frames and graphic objects to have “names” (like paragraph styles) which can be globally updated and invoked from a catalog.

Placing small anchored frames in page margins can help shrink page count considerably. This can be highly useful in language translation projects in which a great deal of text expansion takes place. You will want to watch the video below to get the full story!

FrameMaker and WORD: Anchored Frames in Outer Margins

FrameMaker 11 has many options for controlling placement of anchored frames. This brief video examines just one popular option: placing graphics in the outer page margin of two sided page layouts. Not only are the steps simple, you can preserve all of your values in a Graphic Object Style and tag other anchored frames to behave the same way. Once you have done this, you can simply update the definition for an anchored frame object style and have all frames of the same name globally update in an identical fashion. This can be a HUGE timesaver, especially in language translation projects.


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