[Guest Post] “Policies and Procedures Marketplace: Emerging Trends, Predictions”, by Raymond Urgo

In this guest blog, Policies and Procedures expert Raymond Urgo shares highlights from his recent webinar, “P&P Sess 3) The Policies & Procedures Market Place – Emerging Trends and Predictions.” (Click in the title in previous sentence to view the webinar recording.)

Policies and Procedures are becoming more intertwined with every department throughout your company as time goes on. This is due to a variety of factors from the Global Workforce to expensive, potential litigation.

You will definitely want to view the webinar recording, but in this brief blog Raymond gives a good overview of the guidelines he covered in his webinar. Please note that if you click on the URL above to view the webinar recording, you will be presented with what appears to be an “Event Registration” page. You can use your Adobe.com credentials to log-in, or create a new Adobe.com account if you don’t have one.


Purpose of this Webinar

To know what’s happening in the P&P marketplace so that you know

What Is a Marketplace?

11 BLOG MARKETPLACE The space or situation (actual, virtual, or metaphorical)

Eras of P&P Communication – Major Drivers


P&P Documentation Practices – Two Leagues

Static P&P Content

Dynamic P&P Content

P&P Talent – Two Leagues (Is P&P Talent Primary, Secondary, or Non-Existent?)


P&P Is Primary Expertise

P&P Knowledge & Skill

P&P Is 2nd- or Non-Existent

SME Knowledge & Skill


Authoring Software

P&P Document

Management Software

P&P Learning & Development Resources



Biggest problem and consequences


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