Astrophotography Tips from Michael Shainblum, Josh Bury and Alan Erickson

With more access to incredible technology than ever, there’s been an exciting upswing in shared astrophotography photographs and timelapse videos across the web. To take a closer look at how these beautiful photographs are created, we gathered tips from our recent Google Hangout on Air with photographer Michael Shainblum, and Adobe Computer Scientists Josh Bury and Alan Erickson. Armed with these tips and advice from our resident experts, you should have everything you need to either dip your toe in the pool of astrophotography or dive right into the deep end!





Shooting Tips:

Shooting Apps:


Thank you to all of our panelists for sharing their advice and tips, getting us one step closer to creating astrophotography that’s out of this world. Remember to stay creative and keep experimenting. Josh Bury couldn’t have said it better – “…Put the camera on the tripod and take a shot…sometimes there can be surprises in terms of what the camera picks up in the sky that you didn’t first notice.”

You can hear more about our panelists’ creative processes in our Google Hangout, or check out samples of their work online here: Michael Shainblum, Josh Bury and Alan Erickson.