Discover your own XML savings in our November 5 “ROI Calculator” Webinar

We have a fun and interesting webinar coming up November 5th. We will be exploring yet another calculator.

This time, we will explore our Adobe Tech Comm “Return on Investment” Calculator that helps you discover hidden costs in migrating to DITA with a non-FrameMaker solution.

You can register for this webinar at:[](

About that “other” calculator …

We previously held a webinar with a different calculator that totals cost savings with regular “unstructured” FrameMaker in tech comm against using Microsoft Word.

You can find a recording of the “FrameMaker for Word: Calculate your hidden cash leaks!” webinar at:

In that session we discovered dramatic savings using only 3 FrameMaker features, and making the values in 80% of the calculator set to zero.

We need your participation to make this work

Here’s how you can help make this webinar a worthwhile and rewarding experience. We are looking for attendees who have:

Try the calculator out for yourself ahead of time

You can check out the calculator ahead of time. It is pre-populated with conservative, realistic figures derived from several clients who migrated to DITA via FrameMaker after negative experiences with “less expensive” solutions. As a result of these clients’ feedback, we decided to craft a tool that would let you determine hidden costs with any vendor ahead of time.

You can access the calculator at:

Note: you will have to use your credentials, or create a simple, free account in order to access this powerful tool.

See you there!

So, get out your spreadsheets, your stop watches and your metrics. We are looking forward to plugging your numbers into our calculator for a realistic experience.