RoboHelp 10 Featurette Video, part 22: Validating ePub content

One of the most exciting aspects of RoboHelp 10 is publishing to ePub or even Kindle. This blog summarizes a recent “how to” video that covers an important step: validating your ePub content before final publication. This is crucial to avoid seemingly innocuous errors that could disqualify your content from being uploaded to the iTunes store.

Watch this brief video and find out just how simple this process is.

RoboHelp 10: Using ePub Validator

RoboHelp 10 has an easy to use facility for publishing to ePubs. Fortunately, there is also an ePub validator that will identify any unwanted errors before you upload your Opus Magnus to the iTunes store or other commercial site. This brief video shows you just how simple this process is to complete. Let Adobe certified expert and trainer, Matt R. Sullivan show you how

Have your own hands-on with RoboHelp 10 and decide how you can use it

After watching these videos, you may wish to have your own hands-on with RoboHelp. The quickest way to do this is to have use a trial copy of Tech Comm Suite 4, which includes FrameMaker 11 and RoboHelp 10. You can try your own hands-on by clicking here. This link also includes a link to a Quick Start Guide for RoboHelp.