#writeright 31) FrameMaker & Word: Find/Delete Empty Paragraphs

Even FrameMaker veterans sometimes forget simple little tricks than can save a tremendous amount of time. If you frequently convert Word documents into FrameMaker, or import/paste copy from HTML and other sources, you probably find dozens of stray, blank paragraphs. Blank lines can wreck havoc with page breaks; you should always control space around paragraphs with the “space above” and “space below” Paragraph Designer property.

This video summarizes a recent, very brief featurette video on FrameMaker 11 that shows you how to get rid of those pesky, blank paragraphs.

FrameMaker and Word: Find and Delete Empty Paragraphs

Often, documents imported from Word or other programs will cause blank paragraphs in FrameMaker. This can lead to bad pagination when a blank line occurs at the top of the page. Fortunately there is an old but “trusty” method for locating all instances of blank paragraphs and eliminating them from your FrameMaker document in a single step. Watch this brief video to find out just how simple this is to do. This brief video is great for beginners.


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