Check out the New Adobe Analytics App for iOS Mobile Devices may not have noticed last August that we released a brand new Adobe Analytics app on the Apple AppStore. I don’t want this accomplishment to go unnoticed as a lot of work went into completely rebuilding our previous SiteCatalyst app from the ground up and relaunching as the Adobe Analytics app. With a host of new features in the most recent update (Nov. 12th), you don’t want to miss out on this handy new app if you’re an iPhone or iPad user.

The new Adobe Analytics Mobile app offers an improved user interface that has been optimized to make it easier to get the data you need. One of the key new features is the custom reports, where you can select up to three metrics (five on an iPad) and trend them over any time period. In the latest release of the app (1.2), the mobile team added the following enhancements to the custom reports:

Now when you’re pulled into that last-minute meeting without time to grab your laptop, you won’t feel completely disarmed. With your iPhone or iPad, you’ll still have easy access to all your digital KPIs. Curious about how that new major campaign is performing during your train ride home? Want to know how the redesigned home page is doing before you start your morning run? No problem, the new Adobe Analytics app has you covered.

Now, all of this mobile goodness doesn’t happen on its own. I was able to corner one of the lead engineers on the busy mobile team, Will Hannold, and ask him a few questions about our current offering as well as our future plans for mobile apps related to Adobe Analytics.

Can you give us a brief history of Adobe Analytics’ mobile apps?

The SiteCatalyst app was created a couple years ago and was due for a refresh. There are both iOS and Android versions of the app with a large user base, but it is showing its age. There is also an iPad app called SiteCatalyst Visualize with custom report functionality that we incorporated into the new app. We learned from the previous apps and created a new experience from scratch.

What’s different about this new iOS app?

The previous SiteCatalyst app was a good tool for viewing bookmarks and dashboards, but as more and more analysts consume data on-the-go, we want to keep pace with their mobile demands and give them the option to create custom reports on the fly. Here are some of the improvements we made:

This new app is a fresh and solid platform for us to build on going forward. We are already working on our third update and plan to continue adding new functionality every few months.

Can you tell us what customers have loved about this new app so far?

The biggest hit has been the custom reports. One customer had “tears of joy” over getting three metrics in one report on his iPhone. In one of our first customer follow-up meetings, it was awesome to hear how another analyst used our app to quickly answer a question that came up that morning during a meeting. The positive response to the custom reports capability has driven many of the improvements in this latest release.** Do you have any tips for users to get the most out of the app?**

I can’t emphasize the custom reports enough. The entire right rail is dedicated to custom reports and is where the most of the new features will be found. Many users are loading a set of metrics in the custom reports and checking them across all of their report suites. With the new segment support you can rerun the same report for different segments. Now that we support current data you can run a report for today and see the most recent data as it arrives.

The left rail of the app is a menu of your dashboards and bookmarks so heavy users of those features on the web will have a lot more reports to view right out of the box. Some reports that look great on the web may not be optimized for a smaller device, so I recommend users create mobile-friendly versions of the dashboards and bookmarked reports they want to view in the app. Here are some basic tips:

Are Android users going to get the new app too?

Yes! An Android version of Adobe Analytics Mobile is on the product road map. In the meantime, the Android version of the SiteCatalyst app is still available in the Google Play and Amazon app stores.

What else do you have in store for mobile apps in the future? don’t want to get too specific about our plans, but we are already working on the next release. We are striking a balance between features that are unique to the mobile experience and more features that appear in the standard desktop interface.

In this latest release, we added a feedback link to the app. We are eager to hear what features would help our customers be more successful. We would love to hear suggestions for small tweaks, big features, and workflows that we may not have considered. We have learned so much from user feedback already, and we look forward to receiving more great suggestions and ideas from our users.

I’d like to thank Will for taking time away from his busy schedule to answer these questions. If you haven’t downloaded the new Adobe Analytics Mobile app, I recommend you take it for a spin. I think you’ll be happy with what you find.