Lavacon13 Thought Leaders 2) Creative Tech Content, Responsive Design & Reduced Injuries

We brought out the camera crew again for Lavacon 2013 held a few weeks ago in Portland, Oregon. We interviewed over 20 thought leaders, and captured some highly original insights, suggestions and mini-case histories. In this second session of interviews we cover issues ranging from how to take a creative approach to technical content to an actual case study of how consistent documentation reduced on-site injuries by 30%

Read on and view these mini-videos to see what our first collection of thought leaders have to say.

Sarah O’Keefe: Creative Approach to Technical Content

Scriptorium’s Sarah O’Keefe discusses why it is so important that we step back from the “way we always used to do it” to create content, and re-examine our mission-critical goals to define a strategy. Sarah makes it clear why we all have to think beyond just publishing to print and delivering content in English for a domestic audience.

Vikram Verma: Responsive Design with Server-Side Components

Adobe Product Manager, Vikram Verma, discusses why responsive design by itself is not the “holy grail” to solve all of tech comm industry problems. Vikram observes that more information is consumed by mobile phones, and desktop consumption is decreasing. The attention span of mobile users is half that of desktop users. It is essential to cater to mobile users. Responsive design with server-side components can allow you to create categories for output devices (e.g. tables, mobile, desktop) and optimize content to create separate responsive design websites. Once you have that, you integrate them all with server-side components like JavaScript which will direct the user to the appropriate version of the website to consume content appropriately.

Bernard Aschwanden: 30% reduction in injuries due to Consistent Documentation

Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter shares an actual case history of an account who had experienced a great deal of expensive “down time” due to on-site injuries. Bernard helped migrate the customer to consistent documentation content via FrameMaker, and on-site injuries were reduced by 30%, eliminating massive revenue losses that occurred during site shut-downs.