Lavacon13 Thought Leaders 5) New job description for tech comm and Doing More with Less

This is the 5th in our series of blogs highlighting live “on the floor” interviews with thought leaders who stopped by our Adobe booth at Lavcon 2013 in Portland, OR this past October. In this session, two thought leaders share “how to do more with less” and a “new job description” for technical writers.

Read on and view these mini-videos to see what our first collection of thought leaders have to say.

Kapil Verma: Improving Efficiency in Tech Comm

Kapil Verma, Sr. Product Manager with Adobe, discusses trends for improving efficiency in tech comm. Kapil shares metrics from a recent Adobe survey that confirms that smaller groups of people have to create more content in less time with less budget. Tech communicators now have to communicate to more langauges and more devices. Structured authoring is the answer to “how do we create more content more efficiently.”

Andrea Ames: New Job Description for Tech Comm

Andrea Ames discusses how her job as a “tech writer” as evolved to become the following: Architect, Strategy, Experience and Design. We must take a look at how the content we create has changed, and all of the skills and processes that we now use.