Lavacon13 Thought Leaders 7) Plan Structured Content delivery & Control in Print & eBooks

Our blog series on live interviews of thought leaders at Lavacon 2013 continues. This time we get highlights on developing a plan for structured content as well as maintaining control and consistency in Print and eBooks.

Read on and view these mini-videos to see what our first collection of thought leaders have to say.

Noz Urbina: Developing, Planning & Delivering Structured Content

Industry stalwart, Noz Urbina, discusses how the importance of intelligently structured content has increased even more in recent years. Urbina maintains that clients who continue top author “flat” unstructured documents of “blocky” web pages will soon become “invisible” as far as their clients are concerned. Urbina recommends that content creators consider upgrading to more capable tools well suited to structured content; Adobe Tech Comm Suite is one example.

Neil Perlin: Control & Consistency in Print & eBook

Author Neil Perlin discusses the importance of using a processional Help Authoring Tool (HAT) like Adobe RoboHelp to achieve topic-based content that has control and flexibility for publishing to print of screen. Perlin shares how a traditional book that he published in the late 1980s took 4 months to go through the process. His first book published with RoboHelp took only 8 hours, and his latest book published to print and eBook took only 2.5 hours.