Lavacon13 Thought Leaders 8) Clients’ radically changing needs & FrameMaker’s flexibility

Our eighth blog in this series covers two more thought leaders we interviewed at Lavacon 2013. This time, the focus is on how swiftly clients’ needs are changing and how one thought leader discovered flexibility in FrameMaker

Read on and view these mini-videos to see what our first collection of thought leaders have to say.

Barry Saiff: Clients’ Radically Changing Needs

Barry Saiff discusses how his many clients have radically different needs than a few years ago; they are demanding content delivered on multiple screens in multiple ways, and they also need tightly controlled search parameters. Saiff discusses how many people are now moving up to more powerful tools that can effectively handle single-sourcing and multi-channel delivery of critical information.

Cheryl Landes: FrameMaker’s flexibility and relevant functions

Cheryl Landes of TabbyCat Communications shares why she uses FrameMaker. The product’s flexibility for handling long documents, from complex nested lists to automatic hyper-links in PDF output are just a few of the features shared here.