Technical Communication Suite 5: Month-to-Month Subscription Discontinued, Only Annual Subscription Plan Available

Most Adobe products have moved to a subscription-only model. Products from Adobe Tech Comm continue to allow new customers to either purchase a “perpetual” license (DVD box with physical media or ESD, no monthly fees) or as a subscription offering (ANNUAL plan only, monthly charges).

What has changed, as of January 14 2014, is that Adobe Technical Communication Suite subscription is no longer “month-to-month.” Although customers pay a monthly fee, a 12-month upfront commitment is required.

What happens if I already have a month-to-month subscription of Adobe Technical Communication Suite?

For those customers who already have a month-to-month subscription of Adobe Technical Communication Suite, after January 14, 2014, they will be converted to the new one year subscription model (annual subscription plan). The normal monthly pricing for this annual subscription plan is $49.99 per month.

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Limited period 40% off promotion for Adobe Technical Communication Suite annual subscription plan

Existing customers of perpetual versions of Adobe Technical Communication Suite, Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe RoboHelp across ALL versions and former month-to-month TCS subscription customers who wish to economize may take advantage of a very aggressive price cut in a new promotion for Adobe Technical Communication Suite annual subscription. The 40% off promotion enables any current customer of TCS, FM or RH to pay **only $29.99 per month for **Adobe Technical Communication Suite annual subscription. That is the same price as a monthly subscription for either FrameMaker 12 or RoboHelp 11!

The promotion can only be obtained by initiating a transaction from the following Adobe webpage:

New subscription options for FrameMaker 12 and RoboHelp 11

In our previous software release in July 2012, the subscription option was available only for Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4. FrameMaker 11 and RoboHelp 10 were only available with full, perpetual licenses. The newly released versions, FrameMaker 12 and RoboHelp 11, are now available on an affordable annual subscription basis. An annual subscription is also available for our BRAND NEW product, FrameMaker XML Author 12, as well as for FrameMaker Publishing Server 12.

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Have questions?

In case you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Adobe Customer Support via email at Alternatively you could chat with one of the Support Engineers at CHAT Now or contact us via phone at 1800 833 6687 (IVR Option 2 > 2 > 3 > 6 > 3)

Need more information about Adobe Technical Communication Suite 5

If you would like to find more information about new product features in recently released Technical Communication Suite 5, you may wish to check the product home page, or this new blog by the product manager: “Technical Communication Suite 5 is Here!”