Exciting new templates for FrameMaker 12

All of the exciting new features in FrameMaker 12 directly from user feedback and customer requests. Although FrameMaker is a powerful product and self-sufficient DITA or XML editor, it has been years since the product was released with refreshed templates.

Introducing “Intelligent” Templates

01 New Templates
FrameMaker 12 has 12 new, unstructured templates. These templates have been carefully designed to speed up authoring, and also to make an excellent basis for structured templates for automatic formatting with XML and structured applications. We have created a series of 3 short demo videos to help introduce you to the new features in these templates.

You will discover the new templates in FrameMaker 12 by using the New->Document command, and then selecting [Explore Standard Templates]. If you click your cursor on each of the 12 templates listed in the left column, you will swiftly discover that these templates are quite different from what shipped with the product before.

You will discover templates designed for:

Part 1 Preview of intelligent, sample content in new templates

Our first video puts the spotlight on some of the useful content provided with a “show sample” version of these new templates. Previous templates were filled with Latin text and English headlines, to give you an approximate “feel” for what a final document might look like. FrameMaker 12 templates include:

See for yourself: click on the video below to get a swift, visual overview of these useful features.


Part 2: working samples of Paragraph Styles, Table Styles and Object Styles

FrameMaker 12 has new templates which provide much more document structure than earlier versions. This brief video explores the intelligence planted in paragraph styles, table styles, and the combination of object styles and graphics on the Reference Page, which allow you to instantly update all of your sample “UI” buttons. New templates in FrameMaker 12 get you up and running much more quickly in your exploration of regular/unstructured projects.


Part 3: Templates optimized for publication to HTML5 responsive layout and other on-line formats

https://blog.adobe.com/media_fb4eb9b8ad912d1f122a5c9c2e2c4c1708985e03.gifPrevious versions of FrameMaker could only publish to printed pages or PDF, if run “solo” without Tech Comm Suite. FrameMaker 12 makes an astonishing leap forward by provided a fully rounded publishing output capability that includes 5 on-line formats, in addition to print and PDF.

New on-line formats that you can simultaneously publish to include:

03 sample table
Responsive layout allows one set of output files to work on all screens. This can eliminate a tremendous amount of work and second guessing, especially with tables. As the video will reveal, when device screens are used, tables and graphics will both scall smaller to fit reduced screen width.

The beauty of FrameMaker 12 is that you can swiftly output to HTML5 responsive layout to “spot check” results with tables and graphics while authoring. In addition, this feature is a lot of fun to use!

Click on the following video to see just how well new template content publishes to on-line formats.