RoboHelp 11 Solution #1) HTML5 Responsive Layout

RoboHelp 11 introduced several major new features. One feature that has generated tremendous interest and excitement is the ability to publish to HTML5 responsive layout. This blog, with links to a key webinar will tell you more.

The relevance of HTML5 responsive layout

We recently held a webinar with special guest, Beth Gerber, of Lightext Inc. from Arcadia California. Lightext has been working with key financial and human resources clients for years, who now need mission critical data on tablets, as well as in PDF and Print.

Beth demonstrates in this webinar how easy it is to customize the look and feel of responsive layout, for a “one size fits all” screen experience that will work on desktops, tablets, “phablets” and mobile devices.

Key issues covered in this webinar are:

What is Responsive Layout?

What are some objectives that RoboHelp 11 consultants try to achieve?

Learn how yourself! Watch the webinar recording

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You may access the webinar recording at the following link:

About our webinar guests:

Beth Gerber and Pam Harrison co-own and operate Lightext, a technical writing and training consulting firm specializing in policy and procedure development and instructional design and delivery for the financial services industry. Lightext is also an Authorized Adobe Training Center located in Arcadia, California.