FrameMaker 12 Feature Focus 1): Dramatic UI improvements

We are posting a series of webinars that focus on specific new or powerful features found in new FrameMaker 12. Our first webinar put the spotlight on an intelligently retooled user interface. The basic model for the current FrameMaker user interface was introduced with version 9. Although the new UI was powerful, it was not immediately popular. Over the past 2 releases, Adobe developers have carefully listened to old and new users, and gained great insights from their feedback. As a result, new FrameMaker 12 has a more attractive and more functional user interface.

Change the overall look and feel of the UI

New FrameMaker 12 allows you to make changes in the following areas:

When you make any of these specifications, after start FrameMaker, you will have a new UI experience.

You may wish to view the following Feature Focus video which highlights these special capabilities:


Doing more with fewer steps

FrameMaker 12 has added ways to open and close files or menus much more easily:

You may wish to view the brief “feature/focus” video below which focuses on these powerful gestures:

Filter out choices you don’t wish to see

You may wish to view the short “feature focus” video we have created on this topic as well:


See for yourself! Watched the recorded Webinar

03 video camera
You may view the entire recorded webinar by clicking on the following link: