RoboHelp 11 Solution #2) Cloud Based Topic Sharing

RoboHelp 11 introduced the ability to drag n’ drop entire topics “into the cloud”, including with new Dropbox integration. Adobe recently hosted a webinar with guest Beth Gerber of Lightext, who covered realistic case studies of how cloud-based topic sharing can be used in Finance, HR, Healthcare and Policies and Procedures.

How has the cloud changed with RoboHelp 11?

The slide below from Lightext summarizes some important issues about cloud based topic sharing:

2-04 Cloud summary

How do you keep track of your shared resources?

You will find a full, visual demonstration of this solution in the webinar. The screen capture below shows how you can manage linked resources between projects.

2-05 screen cap of resource manager

See for yourself! Watched the recorded Webinar

03 video camera
You may view the entire recorded webinar by clicking on the following link:

View an example of this feature in the original RoboHelp 11 Launch Webinar:

If you click on the following link, you can view the original webinar in which product manager, Vikram Verma demonstrates how to work with drag n’ drop topics sent to Dropbox:

Fast forward to 27 minutes in order to see a slightly more elaborate demonstration of topic sharing with a resource manager that is linked to Dropbox.

About our webinar guests:

Beth Gerber and Pam Harrison co-own and operate Lightext, a technical writing and training consulting firm specializing in policy and procedure development and instructional design and delivery for the financial services industry. Lightext is also an Authorized Adobe Training Center located in Arcadia, California.