HTML5 Sess 1) HTML5 Single Source vs. Responsive Layout

Both FrameMaker 12 and RoboHelp 11 introduced the ability to publish to HTML5 responsive layout earlier this year. Since the previous release of Version 10, RoboHelp has been able to publish to HTML5 Single-Source Layout (SSL). Naturally, some users are confused about the difference between these two forms of powerful layout.

Special guest Willam van Weelden was our guest recently in a webinar which used RoboHelp 11 as a dynamic “white board” to illustrate the differences between HTML5 SSL and HTML5 Responsive Layout.

Where are we with HTML5 in today’s market?

van Weelden makes the following points clear about HTML5:

How does Adaptive Layout differ from Responsive Layout

van Weelden makes the difference clear with the following summary slide:

4-10 Adap v Respons

Pros and Cons of Adaptive vs Responsive

There are clear cut advantages to each type of layout, as seen in the slide excerpt below.

4-11 Pros and Cons

The screenshot below, from the live demo in the webinar, shows an example of single-source layout HTML5 for desktop:

4-12 SSL desktop

The second screenshot shows what happens if someone were to try resizing the window or content to fit a smaller device:

4-13 SSL small window

It is evident that a different SSL must be created for each device.

Flexibility of responsive layout

As you will see in the webinar recording, one instance of responsive layout HTML5 can work on virtually any device.

See for yourself! Watch the recorded webinar

You will find a full recording of this dynamic webinar at the following location: