RoboHelp 11 Solution #3) Branding Corporate Print Documentation

RoboHelp 11 has considerably expanded the products capabilities in terms of achieving stunning print output. Frequent webinar guest, Beth Gerber of Lightext, recently shared her experiences with using new master page capabilities in RoboHelp11 to achieve effective corporate “branding” in print output.

Enhanced Print Documentation

The slide below summarizes some of the benefits covered in this webinar.

3-07 Enhanced print doc

Setting up Master Pages

In the webinar, Beth shows the simple steps for expanding header or footer areas on a page to accomodate customer layout for a cover page. The screen shot below shows part of the process:

3-08 creating cover page

The screen shot below shows the final result in MS Word output, ready for print:

3-09 Print cover page

The new tools for modifying master pages are significantly improved and are more intuitive than those available in previous versions of the project. You will discover that you can even capture complex page headers or footers from MS Word documents which you import into RoboHelp 11.

See for yourself! Watch the recorded webinar

You will find a full recording of this dynamic webinar at the following location:

About our webinar guests:

Beth Gerber and Pam Harrison co-own and operate Lightext, a technical writing and training consulting firm specializing in policy and procedure development and instructional design and delivery for the financial services industry. Lightext is also an Authorized Adobe Training Center located in Arcadia, California.