FrameMaker 12 Feature Focus 3): FrameMaker XML Author 12

When FrameMaker 12 was launched 2 months ago, a BRAND NEW member of the product family was also launched: FrameMaker XML Author 12! For years, FrameMaker users have been requesting a powerful, but less-expensive, “light” version of FrameMaker. This new product, FrameMaker XML Author 12, fits the bill to a “T”.

The majority of features and commands from structured FrameMaker 12 are available in this dynamic new product. What’s more, FrameMaker XML Author 12 only costs 40% the cost of a FULL license of FrameMaker. This blog summarizes the webinar we recently held to make clear what the differences are between the two products.

Cleaner, scaled down user interface

Because FrameMaker XML Author 12 works only on XML and DITA, there are fewer commands, menus and workspaces to work with. In addition to the webinar which is summarized below, we have created a feature focus video to summarize this area of functionality:


Fully functional XML authoring with simple, intuitive tools

The webinar also dramatized how you can create complete, pure DITA or XML without having to have constant exposure to code. Many other inexpensive XML editors work in a facsimile mode for authoring and do a quick “preview render” to show what your printed or online output should look like. FrameMaker XML Author 12 gives you three modes to edit in:

We have also created a featurette video which gives you an idea how much complex content you can create simply using icons and intuitive menus:


Astonishing, advanced XML editing with visual cues

To dramatize just how far you can go with XML in FrameMaker XML Author 12, we have created another featurette video which shows how swiftly you can insert a MathML equation in “page view.” Then, you can use XML Code View (if you wish) to edit the MathML XML code directly. You also have access to an extremely visual, WYSIWYG interface:


See for yourself! Watch the recorded webinar

You will find a full recording of this dynamic webinar at the following location: