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Approximately every month, our AdobeTCS team pulls together an attractive e-mail calendar that lists all of the assets we have created in the previous month, as well as upcoming events. This blog (which we will update on a monthly basis), gives you links and highlights to all of our previous calendars.

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January 2014 Highlights

November and December 2013

October 2013

September 2013

September was a busy month here at Adobe Tech Comm. We participated in the CIDM conference in Savannah, Georgia, as well as providing presentations and demonstrations at ISTC’s TCUK conference in Bristol, UK

August 2013

While many of you were on the move on a vacation, here at Adobe Tech Comm we kept on the move with a regular supply of informative webinars, blogs and videos. You can consider our August content a convenient, condensed “summer school” on relevant Tech Comm topics to prepare you for the rest of the year

July 2013

If June was “busting out all over”, then July went off with a “bang”,- chock-full of webinars, a “summer school” session on FrameMaker/RoboHelp and several cogent guest blogs. As is typical with mid-summer, there were no major conferences or events. But things were kept buzzing while we created a lot of content for you, in the form of recorded webinars, AdobeTV video recordings, and some very thought-provoking blogs. We hope that our newsletter will give you a fun and enriching “beach book” summer reading list.

June 2013

Adobe was a major sponsor of UAEurope in Manchester, where we held a pre-conference “Adobe Day.” You can read who our guest speakers were and key highlights of the events in our blog “The more things change, the more you need ADOBE DAY in the UK!”

One of AdobeTCS’s key partners in Europe, Jang Graat, made key presentations on FrameMaker at several events. Graat was a key presenter at the series of TCWorld’s “road show”, which he summarized in a blog, “TCWorld Roadshow wrapup.” Graat also made a key presentation on FrameMaker at the Congility conference: you may read about it in Graat’s guest blog, “London Calling: Congility Conference 2013.”

In June, we also began publishing the exclusive VIDEO INTERVIEWS from our Adobe booth at STC Summit in Atlanta. We have over 40 engaging interviews with industry experts and thought leaders in the Tech Comm and Content Strategy space, and are publishing approximately 5 per week. Stay tuned for more episodes of the “In Conversation with Adobe – Thought Leadership Interview Series @ STC SUMMIT 2013” series!

May 2013

The key event of May was the Annual STC Summit in Atlanta. Adobe was not only a Platinum Sponsor of the event, but hosted an “Adobe Day” (see item under blogs) and had 3 featured speaker presentations including Kapil Verma, Vikram Verma and Maxwell Hoffmann. Our blog, “Key highlights of #AdobeDay at #STC13 Summit in Atlanta” has links to all of the presentations. A highlight was Adobe Day’s keynote presentation by FrameMaker’s inventor, Charles Corfield, who is the only person we know who also has his own Wikipedia page and has climbed Mount Everest.

The Adobe booth at STC Summit had a raffle for a highly coveted “Mad Men” 1964 portable typewriter. Charles Corfield was present most of the first day, and had dozens of one-on-one conversations with existing and potential FrameMaker users. The booth featured several RoboHelp and FrameMaker demos by special guests, and two book signings.

April 2013

In April, Adobe Tech Staff attended and made presentations at CMS/DITA Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, and also at Lavacon Content Strategy Workshop in New Orleans. The biggest event came in early May with the Society for Technical Communication Summit in Atlanta, where Adobe Tech Comm was the Platinum Sponsor and also delivered the Keynote Address, 3 presentations, and hosted a special “Adobe Day.”

Adobe Day, the Summit’s kick-off event, drew a “full house”. Charles Corfield, the inventor of FrameMaker, delivered the keynote presentation which covered the changing form of content consumption:

Our Adobe booth drew large crowds who came to see demos, meet “Mr. FrameMaker,” Charles Corfield, in person, and also to view our CODiE award up close. (Find photos on our Facebook page at:

March 2013

This month, recorded webinar guests included:

February 2013


FrameMaker 11 won the 2013 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Solution for Integrating Content into the Workflow! This award is a notable achievement and also a final validation for the long list of positive comments and independent reviews from some of the best known thought leaders in the techcomm and content space. We thank all our customers, partners and teams that have helped shape FrameMaker over the years!

Also, our #WriteRight campaign went further with the addition of the “How to harass your manager” video. We made it especially for those who want to tell their managers that the right tool for their job may not be Word.

Recorded webinar highlights included:

January 2013


Recorded webinars of the month:

Blogs of the month included: