Five Exciting New DAM Features of AEM Assets

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Adobe Experience Manager 6.0: Assets. As a part of the next-generation release, we will add more than 20 new digital asset management (DAM) features that help marketers do amazing things with their digital assets. Here is a sneak peek at five of the most exciting new features.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets will add many new DAM capabilities out of the box that will make marketing’s job easier. We’ve gone beyond DAM’s traditional focus on storage to include exciting new technologies for workflows, dynamic imaging, video, search, and distribution. We’ve also improved the performance and added search and metadata features to help marketing teams work on and find assets faster.

So what’s new with Assets in Adobe Experience Manager?

Collaborate across Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions

We made it easier to sync, store, share, and collaborate on digital assets from one convenient location across Adobe products and solutions. Assets will allow you to easily synchronize assets to Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, such as Adobe Social or Target directly from an on-premise or hosted deployment. After assets are shared, creative and marketing teams can collaborate, comment, and make annotations in a shared common repository for your projects and campaigns.

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Advanced Dynamic Media Capabilities

We have improved the authoring experience for our unique dynamic media technology to empower marketing to leverage existing assets to create new visually engaging experiences. Asset’s new intuitive workflows enable more marketers to create dynamic renditions or interactive previews of digital imagery with ease. In addition, we added dynamic imaging processing such as panning, spinning, and swapping colors, and image viewers such as 360-degree spin sets, zoom, and fly-outs. And of course, the new dynamic media capabilities work great on responsive sites and mobile devices.

Advanced Video and Engagement Analytics

Video is the ultimate engagement tool for marketers. However, managing video has always been a difficult and time-consuming process. Not only can you collaborate, comment, and make time-stamped annotations on video, but you can also leverage our cloud services to encode, deliver, stream, and syndicate to all of your digital properties in a streamlined workflow. We’ve also added video reporting and analytics for marketers to analyze engagement such as video starts, completion rates, and drop-offs.

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Searching through troves of digital assets doesn’t have to be like looking for a needle in the haystack. In this release, we improved the metadata management experience to streamline use within your organization. The tools needed to manage metadata, tags, taxonomies, and search facets have also been simplified to make finding an asset easier. In addition, we’ve added commerce capabilities that can easily integrate assets to access and link to product information (SKUs, descriptions, etc.) from external commerce technologies such as product information management (PIM) systems. Finally, we’ve also improved discoverability with improved out-of-the-box features for saved searches and smart collections capabilities.

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Creative Projects and Workflow Management

We’ve also made it easier to manage teams, assets, workflows, and tasks from shared workspaces. Marketers can now leverage the projects capabilities from Adobe Experience Manager to manage the complexity around planning, procuring, collaborating, and producing new digital assets. Projects will allow you to recruit team members, assign tasks, deadlines, link assets, and track the progress of your content-centric campaigns and product launches. Additionally, there are predefined workflows for projects such as photo-shoot-to-site and ad hoc reviews and approvals to help keep projects moving automatically in your organization.

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There are more than 20 new features available in the upcoming version of Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Learn more about Assets here.