VIDEO HOW TO: Discover hidden power in 12 NEW FrameMaker 12 templates

We recently hosted a webinar that did a deep dive on potent FrameMaker feature combinations that are heavily leveraged in the 12 new templates bundled in English versions of FrameMaker 12. Our guest was Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter, who developed the templates. This blog summarizes highlights of the recorded webinar, provides you with a link to view the webinar, and also also provides you with a timeline to jump forward to areas of interest in the recording.

Why are the new FrameMaker templates better?

View the webinar recording for yourself!

You may view the webinar recording by clicking on this link: FrameMaker 12 Feature Focus 2): 12 New Templates with Hidden Power!

Timeline for key concepts in the webinar recording

For your convenience, we have provided a timeline below with hour/minute/second locations you may fast forward to for key concepts:

Try out the new FrameMaker 12 templates for yourself!

If you like what you see in this webinar recording, why not try out FrameMaker 12 for yourself! Go to our “2 ways to Try” landing page to test out FrameMaker.