Beyond HTML: The “rest” of RoboHelp 11

Naturally, Robohelp 11 is a great Help authoring solution. The product’s genesis was for authoring WebHelp. Since the product’s birth, the world of Tech Comm has changed dramatically. And so has RoboHelp! This blog touches on resources to explore aspects of the product that go beyond just working with traditional WebHelp projects.

Customizing or Branding your Print output

RoboHelp 11 introduces dramatically improved master pages with more complex page headers and footers. For projects that require PDF or Print, as well as display on laptops, tablets and phones, new tools make it even easier to add logos and apply critical information to page headers and footers.

A realistic example of branding corporate policies and procedures

We recently held a webinar with guests Lightext Inc., to illustrate how easily you can customize your printed output. You can click on the webinar title below to access the recording:

RoboHelp 11 Solution #3) Branding Corporate Print Documentation

The following useful video can also give you a shorter introduction to this potent feature:


Designing Layout for Responsive HTML5

In previous releases, RoboHelp moved beyond traditional HTML WebHelp with Single-source layout HTML5. This feature was explored extensively via videos and blogs during our previous release.

RoboHelp 11 introduced the ability to publish to “one project fits all devices” responsive HTML5. You may find the following videos a great introduction to this new feature:

(1) RoboHelp 11: Single Responsive Layout based HTML5 Output


(2) RoboHelp 11: Responsive HTML5 Layout Editor


(3) RoboHelp 11: New Icon Driven Layout Editor