RoboHelp 11: Triggers and Targets – Leading the user to the sweet spot

Robohelp 11 has features which grant creators freedom to compile and publish information systematically, ability to generate multiple TOC’s, Conditional build tags and CSH . In our constant endeavor to cater to various use cases for clients in unique spaces the concept of using triggers and targets has found a growing acceptance in the documentation and knowledgebase community.

Typical use case scenario

Picture this, a support representative receives a query from a client and he needs to remedy his request at the earliest, a faster path to information desired would mean a superior customer experience. No doubt having a comprehensive content repository and robust search would be equally ideal, but having preset conditions for content based off request research done before would work splendidly well as well . The representative clicks through various content “situations” and is led to more content based of those interactions.

Advantages of DHTML in RoboHelp 11

Triggers are text or images that have a special DHTML effect applied. When users click text or an image that’s assigned a trigger, a target appears. To open DHTML effects using triggers, first assign a trigger to text or an image. Then connect the trigger to a target and assign a DHTML effect. When working with triggers and targets, keep in mind the following details:

To be able to move across different topics and or locations outside of the project one would use cross references.

Simple, intuitive setup for triggers and targets

Triggers and targets are easy to understand and even more simple to set up.

Used in conjunction with powerful features such as expanding and drop down text, this is an appealing way to represent information which can cater too textual and image content types.

Organizations who need faster turnaround on information being passed from employee to client would find this feature beneficial , support services , technology help desks and even virtual contact centers .

For more information on using Triggers and Targets visit: Robohelp 11-Triggers and Targets

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