Prepare for year 2020 with Adobe Day May 18 at STC/Phoenix

The day before STC Summit begins in Phoenix, Arizona, Adobe will host another “vision event” with ADOBE DAY on Sunday May 18th. Like past events, this is essentially a “demo-free” event with a focus on both near-future and long-term trends. A variety of industry thought leaders will join us with individual presentations and a lively panel of experts.

In addition to special guests, a variety of Adobe staff will be present, including two of our main product managers. The event is free, includes lunch, and you may register at the following link:

How Single-source with FrameMaker saved $16K and cut L10n costs 50%

In this case study, well known author, Marcia Riefer-Johnston, shares a personal case study in which one of her company’s projects migrated from Word to FrameMaker with dramatic savings and results. Using real-world before and after results, documented savings and more, Marcia will give an eye-opening account of just how dramatically you can improve your workflow.

Marcia Riefer-Johnston is widely known for her best-selling book, WordUp!, which covers bite-sized advice on how to “write tight”. Precepts from Marcia’s book will improve your customer retention with English-only content, but will also further reduce translation costs.

From Boring to Soaring: Combine eLearning in Technical Documentation

Long-time Adobe RoboHelp and Captivate maven, Kevin Siegel of, will share a “show me” version of how to make your Tech Doc more dynamic with step-by-step learning and swiftly created tutorials. It’s easier than you might think, as Kevin will prove using an integrated product approach.

As customer’s attention spans diminish, and as tablets and mobile access to business critical Tech Comm content becomes more urgent, the need is increased to engage and retain your customer’s “eye balls.”

A seasoned trainer and consultant in many Adobe disciplines, Kevin Siegel will share persuasive “before and after” examples of “dull” and “sell” documentation results.

Structure your way to revenue growth

We have all attended countless presentations on “DITA or DIE.” In contrast to do, certified Adobe trainer and expert, Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter, will show actual profit milestones you can achieve by migrating your content into cost-effective XML or structure.

Bernard has extensive experience in training people on “XML for the rest of us” via powerful workspaces and unique tools in FrameMaker.

You will benefit greatly from Bernard’s unique presentation style and persuasive techniques. As with Kevin Siegel and several other speakers, you may learn almost as much about effective presentation techniques as the topic itself.

Panel: Vision 2020: Demands on Tech Comm Communicators

06 panel of experts
The highlight of the event will be our special panel of experts who will answer challenging questions on what lays ahead for us in the next 6-7 years. As we gradually exit the “teens” of the 21st Century, and move into the “roaring ’20s,” how do we prepare for an even faster changing tech comm environment?

Bring your most burning questions to challenge our panel of experts. Also be prepared to share your own vision and insight. Some of the greatest experts at the event may be in the audience!

Product Evangelist Maxwell Hoffmann will be the master-of-ceremonies and Sr. Product Manager Kapil Verma will deliver the keynote address. Based on previous experience, you can expect something both highly useful and surprising from Kapil’s most recent research.

The Adobe TCS team looks forward to meeting and greeting you in Phoenix! By the way, not only is ADOBE DAY free, it is open to all. You do not need to be a member of STC, not do you need to be registered for the conference in order to attend.