The Next Big Social Network is Here, and You Need to be on It

Like any social media marketing professional, my job is to leverage social media to create brand love through relationships with customers and prospects online. It’s not an easy job, partially because, let’s just face it, nobody likes brands that much. But, mostly because the social media landscape continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, and most of that evolution hasn’t been helpful to brands. In this regard, the past year hasn’t been kind. Consider the following: First, Facebook puts people in front of marketing and goes all “pay-to-play”. And, now a bunch of new, anonymous, and private social networks have emerged. Seriously, Secret and Whisper? How in the world does a brand self-promote on an anonymous social network? All of this is beginning to make me think there might never ever be a truly friendly place for brands blast consumers with their well-crafted messaging in social media.

But, then I found Woo Woo.

Recently profiled in a major publication, this just-launched social network (ironically, with a presence on Twitter as well) has all the key ingredients for marketers to get excited: a young, highly engaged and highly influential audience, unfettered access for brands, and loads of targeted advertising. While only in private beta, the network, billed by its founders as an “exclusive online community just for important people” is already building strong momentum within demographics that are the sweet spot for most brands. The following is a sample of some of the self-identified characteristics of current users:

If Woo Woo can fulfill its brand promise and maintain its current trajectory, it stands to do much more than simply add to the proliferation of social platforms. It could offer what nobody else could: an exclusive way for both individuals and brands to bask in each other’s self-importance — the ethos of social media.

So far, all signs point in that direction. According to a recent survey of senior marketers at Fortune 500 companies, approximately 89 percent of brands plan significant investments in Woo Woo within the next 72 hours.

All this being said, it’s important that all social media practitioners and brands remember some key best practices when mobilizing on any social network new or old:

Then again, how can you pass Woo Woo up.

Still not convinced? Just watch Woo Woo’s launch video: