Adobe Target Premium: It’s Here—and It’s the Best Yet

For the last three months I’ve been touting the release of Adobe Target Premium, the ultimate personalization solution—and now it’s here. Today, Adobe Target Premium goes into general availability to marketers around the globe. Designed to deliver the kind of automated decisioning that drives meaningful, results-driven personalization, Adobe Target Premium will no doubt change the landscape of targeting and personalization, connecting relevance-craving consumers with a smart, sophisticated, simple-to-implement optimization system that satisfies everyone: Users get the personalized experience they demand, while organizations can serve up these robust experiences without the added headache and workload. It’s a win-win.

So what’s Adobe Target Premium all about and what can businesses expect when they integrate this powerhouse solution? This one checks all the boxes, from simplifying the testing process to visitor segmentation, rules creation, cross-sell recommendations, and more, all in a holistic solution that virtually any business can readily integrate. And the need has never been more unequivocal. Adobe’s 2014 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey brought to light that the top 20 percent of respondents—the most successful in the personalization game—are seeing conversion rates of 4.5 percent or more, compared to 2.6 percent across the entire field. They’re also investing 5 percent of their budgets in testing and optimization, and 70 percent are using multiple methods and capabilities. Now is the time to look to new solutions to augment, enhance, or replace your existing personalization platform—and today is, quite literally, the day.

So what are the big differences in this release? Plenty.

Enhanced Automated Decisions


Delivering relevance at scale has always been a challenge, no matter the organization’s optimization maturity, sophistication, and existing capabilities. Adobe Target Premium enables companies to meet these demands and continue to build scale without overtaxing marketers, resources, and general bandwidth. By integrating sophisticated, self-learning algorithms that get “smarter” with every passing experience, Adobe Target Premium automatically determines and dynamically delivers relevant content to consumers, from known loyalists to anonymous newcomers. Bring on the masses!

Deeper Audience Targeting


By integrating Adobe Analytics, Target Premium can tap into behavioral data to flesh out master marketing profiles, which bring all third-party and Adobe data together for a truly 360-degree view of customers. By integrating with Adobe Audience Manager you can take these profiles even further, aligning anonymous data to paint the ultimate picture of Web and mobile users.

Increased Mobile Capabilities

Target_Workflow_mobile services

Taking testing and optimization a step further, Target Premium offers enhanced mobile targeting capabilities, enabling organizations to make actionable data-driven decisions in real-time, personalizing across mobile sites, apps, and a variety of campaigns. This powerful solution will enable rules-based and automated behavioral targeting to maximize relevance and conversion, personalized recommendations, and targeted discovery with site search and navigation integration. The benefits? First and foremost, even more relevant, personalized experiences for consumers across your brand’s mobile platforms. Best offers can be identified, relevant audiences can be targeted, and conversions, naturally, go way up. The overall experience is wholly geared toward mobile, connecting this unique and ever-growing consumer bucket with right time, right place content time after time.

More Powerful Reporting

Taking the audience targeting a step further, Target Premium’s integration with Adobe Analytics means more powerful reporting plus an automatic sync-up between optimization activities and marketing analytics. You’ll now be able to pull results based on any segment you’ve got, aligning success metrics with those specific audiences during the campaign and even after it’s ended.

More Intuitive Workflows

It’s all about simplifying the process with Target Premium, so it’s likely no surprise that the foundation of this best-class solution is a step-by-step framework that brings several activities (think experience-level testing, automated personalization, offer optimization, and cross-selling) onto one line of code for implementation. A little light on technical skills—or even more beginner than that? With Target Premium, marketers can tap into a visual experience composter to create and target experiences to unique audiences or optimize against existing metrics—no coding required.

Hear more about Adobe Target Premium via this webinar I led last week with my colleague, content and conversion evangelist Gina Casagrande. This powerful solution will no doubt change the face of personalization and optimization, and I can’t wait to see what the playing field looks like in a year from now. By simplifying implementation, improving usability, automating optimization and experience delivery, and seamlessly integrating with other Adobe solutions, Adobe Target Premium will no doubt enhance any organization’s personalization initiatives and deliver greater relevance, engagement, and, ultimately, help companies experience the greatest personalization payoffs yet.