FrameMaker XML Migration Strategy, Part 2: How to Convert via FM

Continuing our exploration of ways that FrameMaker 12 can help you migrate your content to structure, we explore another recently posted resource.

In late August, we had a dynamic webinar session from Bernard Aschwanden of Publishing Smarter. You may view the eSeminar Recording by clicking on the title: Bernard Sess 1) Easy Steps to Convert Your Content to Structure

In contrast to the excellent eSeminar by Chris Despopoulos covered in our previous blog, this Aschwanden session was a specific tutorial on how to convert structure, including the basics of how to set up “Regular FrameMaker” to display the proper “Structured FrameMaker” user interface and workspaces. As with the Despopoulos session, Aschwanden offers to share his sample files with you so you can share your own hands-on.In the recording he shares his email address and indicates how to request them.

Timeline to Structure: minute minders for the eSeminar recording

The following list indicates in minutes and seconds how far to advance through the recording to reach certain key points. This will also enable more advanced users to skip over the early instructions which they may already have mastered.