Adobe and Bitly Power Up the Value of Social Interactions

Today I’m excited to share the announcement of our partnership with Bitly and Adobe Social’s official status as a Bitly Certified Partner! This formalizes a relationship we’ve enjoyed with Bitly over the past year and opens up new opportunities to integrate Bitly link data, security, and even more functionality into our social marketing platform.

If you use Bitly to shorten links, and are an Adobe Social customer, you are likely already leveraging our Bitly integration in the Publisher tool to maintain branding. If not, read this and get to it! The integration enables you to add multiple Bitly branded short domain accounts and automatically shorten URLs right in our Publisher tool as you are planning and scheduling posts.

If you use multiple Bitly accounts and you’re concerned about who gets access to which branded short domains, our governance model ensures the right users or groups see the right shortener in their environment. For example, our own social media team at Adobe has a couple dozen of Bitly accounts which are exposed to different Adobe Social users based on their assigned region or brand.

What you may not have realized is we automatically append Adobe Analytics campaign codes to your Bitly links so you can track the downstream behavior of users once they leave the social channel and explore your landing pages and websites. This helps you understand what social interactions drive page traffic and site-side conversion events, like downloads, video plays, and shopping cart activity.

In the future, we plan to more deeply integrate Bitly data and functionality, giving you a more complete picture of what happens between the social click and the conversion click alongside Bitly audience metrics. This will help you identify and optimize for the audiences that not only engage with and share your Bitly content, but end up generating tangible business results through digital channels.

Contact your Adobe Social account manager or local Adobe sales representative if you have any questions about our partnership with Bitly and stay tuned for more advancements from Adobe Social!