FrameMaker XML Migration Strategy, Part 3: Benefits

During our on-going blog series on Migration Strategies using FrameMaker, we also want to touch on BENEFITS of moving to structure … specifically with FrameMaker.

Our special guest, Chris Desopoulos, brilliantly demonstrated some of the most potent things you can accomplish in XML structure in his recent session on traversing XML-tree structure with ExtendScript. You may view this eSeminar recording by clicking on the title: “Walk the Tree” in XML FrameMaker with ExtendScript.

Download the Files: have your own hands-on Despopoulos generously provided all of his sample files (including scripts) and his slides, in a convenient pod in the recording. You can actually download these files, avoid taking notes, and “sing along with Chris” by modifying or creating your own Extend Scripts. You will note the 3 files that you can download are present in a pod to the right side of the meeting screen, as pictured in the screen capture to the right.

Fortunately, Chris includes his final ExtendScript, which is a “one-size-fits-all” ExtendScript that will “walk the tree” of your FrameMaker XML and do anything from listing the names of all elements, number the occurrences of specific elements, and more. You will be instructed by the recording how to create simple variables or libraries that your script can “call out” to change to overall results that you will achieve.

“Walking the Tree” — finding specific element instances in FM XML via ExtendScript

As with previous blogs in this series, whenever we highlight an eSeminar recording, we provide a list of MINUTE MARKERS so you can swiftly locate the topic or issue that is most relevant to your specific workflow. You may fast-forward the eSeminar recording to the minutes/seconds indicated below:

Exploring another approach to benefits of ExtendScript

Some of us forget that “Structured FrameMaker” may optionally be used as a proprietary structured editor without XML or DITA. For an excellent example of how ExtendScript may be used in this type of non-XML environment, review an earlier blog which has minute minders to an eSeminar from Russ Ward. You may view the alternate eSeminar by clicking on the title: Squeeze FrameMaker to the Last Drop with ExtendScript.