Adobe AudienceManager Takes Cross-Device Targeting to a New Level

Devices are everywhere. From your personal laptop to your smartphone to the tablet that is shared by the entire household, connected devices have proliferated at an incredible rate. According to a 2013 study by The NPD Group, the average U.S. household is equipped with 5.7 Internet-connected devices. Given the increasing penetration of connected devices in our lives, identifying people as they interact with content across their devices represents an incredible opportunity and challenge to today’s digital marketer.

The opportunity to connect with consumers as they move across their personal device ecosystem allows marketers to truly create a personalized consumer journey. For example, take a leading travel company which can connect airline flight searches conducted on your tablet device in the morning with hotels you researched on your mobile phone later that afternoon. When you login to your laptop that evening, this rich customer behavior allows the travel company to offer personalized vacation packages (hotel + flight) – delivering a seamless experience that represents what you’re interested in seeing and doing. The cross-device consumer journey creates a powerful opportunity for marketers to not only impact ad effectiveness (ROI), but to also create positive customer and brand experiences through marketing personalization.

So what do marketers need to consider when evaluating cross-device personalization efforts? First off, marketers need to evaluate technology solutions that help connect the digital touch points across devices. Currently, data management platforms (DMPs) have taken the leading role enabling marketers to connect the dots of customer behavior across devices. However, not all DMPs are created equal.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of cross-device personalization within Adobe Audience Manager (recognized as a leader in “The Forrester Wave: Data Management Platforms, Q3 2013”). Adobe is providing marketers the “levers” to choose when and how to map devices to individual consumers. For the first time, marketers have the tools to profile who in a household is consuming content on a connected device at any given moment. For example, a leading digital magazine publisher can identify separate personas within a household (i.e. techie mom and travel-savvy dad) and have the ability to associate those personas with different individuals in the household in a privacy -friendly manner.

As more dollars flow into cross-device personalization, it is increasingly important for the DMP to be able to identify, customize, and target individuals across multiple channels. With Adobe AudienceManager, marketers now have an effective tool to listen to and target consumers across their devices. The cross-device personalization creates a single identity that can be leveraged across multiple Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Cutting-edge DMPs, such as AudienceManager, that empower marketers with the choices and tools to plan and deploy cross-device campaigns are essential to reaching a true personalization nirvana.