Aerospace Case Study: How FrameMaker 12 found missing commas & dead frogs

We recently had a very compelling eSeminar with guest John Smart of Smart Communications Inc.. This session focused on aspects of an aerospace case study, and various areas where your projects can go awry due to the complexities of the English Language. This blog provides “minute markers” for viewing the recording.

You may view the recording of the webinar here: Aerospace Case Study: How FrameMaker 12 found missing commas & dead frogs.

Minute Markers for viewing:


10 green sheet

Smart Software well known for the infamous “green sheet” that summarizes very limited set of Verbs that can be used in STE (Simplified Technical English)


STE is mandatory for all documentation for Army and Navy


There over 900,000 words in English, and only 40,000 words in Taiwan Chinese, only 7,000 words in Mainland Chinese


using STE, any product can be documented or described using only 1% of the English language


a visually compelling “before” and “after” version of same documentation via STE


diagram of how Text Mining works via Smart SW with FrameMaker. (Note, this SW works with several versions of FrameMaker)


Words to avoid


Benefits of Simplified Technical English

11 Benefits


Costly litigation issues that are a risk when not using STE


Six Sigma and text analytics


Example, “use” can only be used as a noun not a verb


Questions and Answers

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