Adobe Expands Mobile App Analytics

Today we are excited to announce Adobe Analytics—Mobile Apps, a new version of Adobe Analytics, which is the backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud and used by more than 140,000 marketers worldwide. Adobe Analytics—Mobile Apps is solely dedicated to measuring the effectiveness of apps and understanding how customers and visitors engage across mobile apps on all major platforms and device types.

To understand how users are finding, downloading, and using apps, **app acquisition analytics **allow marketers to properly attribute the success of app acquisition campaigns across paid, earned, and owned media back to all post-download user engagement. A single mobile SDK integrates with Adobe Target ( A/B testing), Audience Manager (third-party data integrations with audience segmentation), and Adobe Experience Manager (development and management of app content) to display a broad array of metrics in real time including lifecycle, device-centric, and location-specific data. For example, marketers can understand how frequently people launch the app, which segments are driving the highest conversion rates, how app usage differs in-store vs. out-of-store, and much more.

Adobe Analytics—Mobile Apps includes numerous out-of-the-box mobile app analytics reports that provide mobile teams with key insights to mobile app key performance indicators (KPIs) such as users, launches, and first launches, and are available in an app-centric user interface.

Customer lifetime value reports using customer attributes based on your app monetization strategy, such as product purchases, video views, and ad impressions, help marketers better understand and target customers based on their projected lifetime value. Built-in support for iBeacons enables marketers to target and deliver location-based messages in a variety of settings—from retail stores to large event venues. And, retention analysis allows them to understand the retention of newly acquired users, segment customers based on how they use the app, and more.

Adobe Analytics—Mobile Apps will be available in November 2014. For more details about Adobe Analytics visit here and for mobile apps, visit here.

Adobe Analytics—Mobile Apps helps discover where users are launching your app, so you can personalize content and offers based on GPS location, iBeacons, or even specific points of interest.

Adobe Analytics is the award-winning analytics backbone of Adobe Marketing Cloud. It is the industry’s best-selling and most advanced enterprise analytics solution, used by more than half of Fortune 100 companies worldwide and more than 140,000 marketers and analysts to better understand how customers and visitors engage across all of their online properties. Adobe Analytics measures nearly 7 trillion server calls each year and was named a leader in the space by Forrester Research.

Adobe Analytics is one of six major solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is used by two-thirds of Fortune 50 companies including 17 of the top 20 retailers, five of the top five media companies, and nine of the top 10 commercial banks.