Adobe Unveils Real-Time Remarketing Capabilities for Adobe Campaign

Today, marketers have a huge opportunity sitting right in front of them. And it’s one that can help them reclaim a vast amount of lost revenue. What is this opportunity? The ability to employ smart cart abandonment strategies into their overall marketing plans. Before we look at these strategies, let’s look at the facts and figures. According to a recent BI Intelligence report, approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year—with more than 60 percent of that being recoverable by online retailers. However, there is a caveat—this revenue has to be reclaimed in a timely manner. Enter Adobe Campaign.

Today, Adobe Campaign is proud to unveil an industry-first integration with Adobe Analytics, which will enable marketers to reclaim lost revenue due to shopping cart abandonment. Adobe Campaign has a long history of working with our sister solution, Adobe Analytics. With this deeper integration, marketers can connect real-time Web analytics to understand a consumer’s Web behavior, with real-time campaign management.

With the use of Adobe Campaign’s Message Center capability, marketers can now send targeted and personalized messages to their customers—within a matter of minutes or hours. Compared to the standard 24 hours, where a marketer would typically see significant drop-off, this can provide significant uptick in purchases behavior. The end result? For the first time, Adobe is enabling marketers to send immediate messages to bring customers back to the site, with personalized incentives to make that purchase they had previously passed over. Plus, marketers can also follow that customer throughout their journey to help nurture that relationship.

The combined capabilities of Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics are unmatched in the industry, helping customers gain additional value by limiting funnel drop out, driving conversions, and delivering instant revenue uplift.

Just think of the upside for marketers as we head into the season of giving, and the season of shopping! And for the customer, they are now receiving a better experience and better service from the brand.

Since our acquisition, we have tightly aligned with the Adobe Marketing Cloud, including integration with Adobe Experience Manager to combine best-in-class digital content creation with cross-channel execution. Now, with our tighter integration with Adobe Analytics, we are able to provide a win-win with marketers and consumers by delivering an unparalleled real-time remarketing capability.

In the coming months, we’ll be sure to share some of the richer integrations we’ll have within the Adobe Marketing Cloud to help marketers face challenges as they continue to market in a digital world and achieve greater revenue.

Want to learn more? Come join us at our booth (#301) and the DMA 2014 Annual Conference in San Diego this week. In addition to showing these capabilities, Adobe, the only title sponsor of the event, will be participating in several key speaking events, including:

Looking for some added fun at the show? Keep an eye out for our “abandoned” mini-shopping carts around the event. Pick one up, check out the information included, and bring it back to the Adobe booth (#301) to reclaim your lost revenue.

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