How to Land an Internship You Love

My son is a high school senior, and we have been traveling to a lot of university campuses in recent months. It is a wild understatement to say that students at these universities are doing it all – studies, extra-curricular activities and experiences to build their resumes for the future. This is a world apart from my university peer set, who mostly spent summers in retail or restaurants and waited for after graduation to have a “desk job.” The pressure and intense focus is palpable, as everyone tries to stand out and compete for an opportunity with the undefined future employer.

If you’re a student in pursuit of a great internship, take a deep breath. It’s probably a lot easier than your university applications ever were, and there are no standardized tests. From my point of view in the hiring world, there are 5 essential steps you should take to land an internship you love:

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn.