15 Surprising Stats that Will Convince You to Use Email Remarketing

The most effective marketing has to be as tailored as possible, not just to the individual customer, but also to where he or she is in the buying process. Early on, ultra-targeted ads through ad remarketing are a great way to reengage Web visitors, influence them, and remind them you have great offers that may interest them.

When the customer is closer to conversion, about to make a purchase, he often hesitates, and may abandon his browsing session or cart. At this point, it’s no longer time for subtle influences through ads. It’s time to react and apply the best tactics for the situation. In short, it’s time for email remarketing.

I love email remarketing. It’s like the jackpot of client communication. These emails have off-the-charts return on investment (ROI), and what’s more, they’re almost free! No ads to buy—if you have the right solution that leverages Web behavior in real time, all you have to do is send an email!

You can often even get away without offering any greater discount than what’s on your website. To recover an abandoned browsing session or cart, all you need is to send a timely (that’s critical as you’ll see below), personalized, service-oriented email. The reason is that many cart abandonments are not price-related at all. They’re due to bad online experience.

The reason I say “almost free” and not just “free” is that free shipping is still the best way to convince a wavering customer to pull the trigger and buy. With you paying for the shipping, the email ends up as not completely free, but the important thing is that you’ll make the sale.

As promised, here are some stats to convince you this isn’t just me saying this is the best marketing investment you’ll ever make.

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Bonus—Cart Abandonment Is Not a Bad Thing!

As mentioned above, SeeWhy found that 75 percent of customers who abandon a cart do so with the intention to buy. No, they’re not crazy, or if they are, they’re crazy like a fox. If you’re like many marketers, you’ve been spending thousands of dollars in visitor stitching and attribution marketing solutions. That’s because customers follow nonlinear journeys. They visit your site, browse, fill up a cart, and then set it off to the side while they compare prices with your competitors, or look for promo codes, or check Facebook.

Not only is cart abandonment not a bad thing, it’s actually a great signal of willingness to engage! The quicker you send these people an email, preferably offering free shipping, the more you’ll convert!

On the other hand, according to SeeWhy data, an overwhelming majority of online merchants, 81 percent to be precise, believe the majority of abandoners are simply wasting the merchant’s time. This attitude leads them to discard the highest ROI marketing opportunity available to them! Now that’s crazy!

So, do you remarket? Are you finding it an efficient, effective, and highly lucrative marketing avenue?

In an upcoming post, I’ll cover some email remarketing best practices and a link to an ROI calculator.