NEW FrameMaker User’s Guide: Sliced, Diced, and Enhanced

[An update from Nandini Gupta and Peter G.A. Barraud] — Over the years, many of you from the FrameMaker community shared rich feedback on the content and structure of the FrameMaker user’s guide. We’ve been listening and we’ve spent several busy months acting on the feedback to create an improved user’s guide that meets your content requirements better.

So, what exactly has changed? As we analyzed your feedback, some key themes emerged:

What we place in your hands today is just the version one of the improved user’s guide. Your feedback has helped us get it to this stage, and your feedback will be pivotal as we try to refine it even further. Keep the wishlists coming; we’re making a careful note of them.

And now that we’ve said enough, here are the links to the new guide:



Happy reading!

Nandini Gupata, Senior Manager Content and Community, Core Technologies and Products
Peter G.A. Barraud, Senior Content and Community Lead