Adobe is Transforming how Government Engages with Customers through Cloud-Based Digital Content and Experiences

By John Landwehr

In a world with ubiquitous connectivity and personalized services, Americans want the same online experiences they use as consumers when interacting with government.

Yet, these shifting expectations and rapid technological advancements offer government agencies a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize the ways in which they engage citizens and deliver services. American citizens expect to interact with agencies at the federal, state and local levels through well-designed channels such as websites, digital forms and mobile applications.

A full 81 percent of consumers believe government agencies should be using technology to improve the functionality of online services. Yet, only 57 percent think government agencies innovate with their online experience.[1] Public sector employees have similar expectations. In a recent survey of government communicators, 93 percent describe digital tools as imperative to their jobs, yet only one-third believe they have the digital resources to get the job done.

At Adobe, we are committed to transforming how government engages with citizens by offering, cloud-based digital content and experiences. This involves updating and adapting government capabilities to deliver digital content for mobile and PCs, efficiently organized with our cutting edge cloud technology and backed by business-level security.” Solutions like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) facilitate this type of high quality content creation and publishing across web, mobile, and social platforms. AEM, leveraging Adobe Analytics, also allows asset management and measurement to maximize efficiency and ensure valuable ROI, as the New Mexico Department of Transportation recently found when it used AEM to build a new, interactive website that delivered fresh, relevant content to 100,000 daily site visitors.

Cloud-delivered services allow for continuous innovation, ensuring that government clients stay at the cutting edge while minimizing costs and reducing the burden on IT staff. Adobe’s comprehensive cloud technology means modernized support in financial and human resources management, customer service, project management and more. Streamlining such processes can save time and money For instance, the Illinois Department of Human Services recently saved more than $6 million in administrative costs simply by leveraging Adobe’s secure e-forms to automate citizen interactions. Cloud solutions allow government organizations to maximize both operational efficiency and public value.

For government organizations, security is essential. Adobe’s experience in protecting sensitive content and signatures across devices for private sector clients has enabled us to offer government solutions with security at the core. Offerings like PostScript, PDF Acrobat and EchoSign have become essential tools across industries for document exchange, document security and digital and electronic signatures. Adobe digital rights management solutions enable secure access to documents and track usage to monitor document sharing.

Adobe is currently in the process of FedRAMP Agency Authorization. Upon final completion of this security assessment, Adobe’s government cloud solutions will be more easily adopted within the public sector.

Improving engagement, cutting costs and maximizing efficiency are all factors in the government’s responsibility to maximize value to citizens. Given the high level of accessibility and personalization that consumers experience in their interactions with private sector organizations, it is more important than ever that government departments and agencies make strategic investments in its own digital tools to meet the same standard. Delivering a business level, consumer-focused experience while meeting government mission goals and requirements shouldn’t be an obstacle to reaching citizens with their preferred methods of engagement.

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