The importance of colour for creatives

As designers, photographers and creative professionals, we all know the importance of visual impact in our work. That impact is, after all, essential to communicate a message in a way that’s exciting but also effective. During the month of March, we want to explore this topic a bit further, with a particular focus on the importance of colour for creatives.

When you pay close attention to it, colour is a fascinating subject. It not only brings our work to life through inspiring and balanced themes and palettes, but also helps make our lives easier by allowing us to associate complex ideas in very simple and subtle ways. For example, when you see red on a street sign, you feel tempted to stop as there might be some cars coming… that’s colour in action right there!

One of the most interesting things about colour is exploring the science and psychology behind it. Did you know that research suggests men and women actually see the colour red differently? Or that colours are responsible for at least 62% of our first impressions of one another? Or that seeing yellow and orange can actually make you hungry? It’s not hard to find these and many other curiosities around colour, which just shows its potential to help us create amazing work with Creative Cloud.

So during March we want to celebrate colour in a vibrant way, and invite you to join us as well. Here’s how you can do that.

Talent Tuesdays

We’ll be actively looking for interesting artists and projects on Behance who explore colour in exciting ways, and highlighting one artist per week, every Tuesday. Expect a lot of interesting talent producing amazing work and getting the attention it deserves!

Colour challenge of the week

We love a good creative challenge and know you do too, so in these next few weeks we’re exploring a different point of view around colour. Each week, we’ll pick one colour, tie it to a specific environment, and challenge you to take your best shot (pun intended) in a creative way that brings that colour and environment to life.

Let’s get started with yellow!

The first challenge is now live: we’re looking for inspiring uses of yellow around your home, such as the image below.

Why yellow? Well, yellow is commonly associated with warmth, happiness, fun or friendship, which all sound like great things to have around the house. So time to create!

Show us what you’ve got by sharing your own photos on Twitter and Instagram, and using the hashtag #InspiredByColour​.

Have a colourful week!